Aurora Theatre Company

Detroit ‘67 (sd) Darryl V. Jones, director

Eureka Day (sd)  Josh Costello director

The Royale (sd)  Darryl V. Jones, director

Temple (sd)  Tom Ross, director

“Master Harold” …and the boys  (sd)    Timothy Near, director

Fifth of July (sd)    Tom Ross, director

A Bright New Boise (sd)    Tom Ross, director

 A Delicate Balance (sd)    Tom Ross, director

The Best Man (sd)    Tom Ross, director

The Birthday Party (sd)    Tom Ross, director

The Price (sd)    Joy Carlin, director

Lobby Hero (sd)    Tom Ross, director

Saint Joan (l/s)    Barbara Oliver, director

Knock Knock (sd)    Michael Butler, director

The Homecoming (sd)    Tom Ross, director

The Mystery of Irma Vep (l/s)    Danny Scheie and Tom Ross, directors

Berkeley Repertory Theatre    

Let My Enemy Live Long!  (ld)     Amy Mueller, director

California Shakespeare Theatre

Julius Caesar   (sd)     Chris Barton, director

The Comedy of Errors  (sd)      Michael Addison, director

Two Gentlemen of Verona  (ld)    Ed Hastings, director

Merchant of Venice  (ld)    Kenneth Kelleher, director

The Tempest (ld)     Robert Kelley, director

King Lear (ld)    Denis Arndt, director

Center Repertory Company

Communicating Doors (sd) Michael Butler, director

Women In Jeopardy! (sd)  Michael Butler, director

On Borrowed Time (sd)     Lee Sankowich, director

Rocket Man (sd)  Lee Sankowich, director

Joe Goode Performance Group

Mythic Montana (sd) (world premiere)    Joe Goode, choreographer

Magic Theatre                                               

Hillary & Soon-Yi Shop for Ties (sd)     Joan Mankin, director

Marin Theatre Company                                      

Bus Stop (l/s)    Michael Butler, director

Me and My Girl (sd)    Lee Sankowich, director        

Mornings' at Seven  (sd)    Lee Sankowich, director        

From the Mississippi Delta (sd)    Tazewell Thompson, director

As Thousands Cheer  (sd)     Albert Takazauckas/Danny Scheie, directors


Scout (sd) (world premiere)     KT Nelson, choreographer

San Jose Repertory Theatre                                                           

The Sisters Rosensweig  (sd)      Joy Carlin, director

Shotgun Players                                                           

The Birthday Party  (l/s)      Patrick Dooley, director

Love is a Dream House in Lorin (ld)    Aaron Davidman, director

This World's In a Woman's Hands (ld)  Aaron Davidman, director

Thick Description

Dreamlandia (sd)    Octavio Solis, director

Santos & Santos  (sd) (world premiere)     Tony Kelly, director

King Lear (l/s)  Tony Kelly, director

Cleveland Raining (ld)  Octavio Solis, director

Blade to the Heat  (sd)  (1997 & 2008)    Tony Kelly, director

Orestes (sd) Tony Kelly, director

Timon of Athens  (l/s)     Tony Kelly, director


Romeo and Juliet (ld)    Robert Kelly, director

Traveling Jewish Theatre

Times Like These (l/s)    John O'Keefe, director

The Chosen (l/s)    Aaron Davidman, director

See Under: LOVE (l/s) (world premiere)    Naomi Newman, director

God's Donkey (l/s) (world premiere)     Corey Fisher, director


(sd) = set designer, (ld) = lighting designer, (l/s) = lighting & set designer



L. Peter Callendar in Blade to the Heat (2008) Thick Description Tony Kelly, director